Yusef is an incredibly grateful Detroit native who has only just begun his work!
Embarking on this journey of graduate education at Southern Methodist University
has been life changing and rewarding beyond all measure. He has spent 22 years in
the world of west African dance –teaching/choreographing nationally and
regionally, he has also attained a B.F.A. in Musical Theater from Santa Fe University.


Some of his favorite work include:
Belize Angels in America, Gerante Scapin; (Jon Jory) Orestes Electra; (Dallas Theater Center) Orgon Tartuffe, Orestes Iphigenia, Rosencrantz Rosencrantz and Guildstern, Toby Belch Twelfth Night; Mr, Morse Hot L Baltimore (SMU).

After Graduation he will be working regionally in NYC and LA. His passions also
include bass guitar, sangin’ and creating his own music. Teaching all forms of dance
contemporary , Congolese, Senegalese, Gambian, Jazz and stretch. He is also an
active member of the Statera Foundation Ambassador Team, educating and sharing
the importance of gender parity in the theater. Along side his acting career he is
building a company advocating for Body Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
(B.A.E.I.), creating workshops and educational programming toward transmutingtrauma through the arts and facilitating change through deep physical exploration and breath work.

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Toby Belch

Mr. Morse

Greer Garson/Kara-Lynn Vaeni

Margo Jones/Blake Hackler
Greer Garson/Michael Connolly
Dallas Theater Center/Kevin Moriarty

Greer Garson/Blake Hackler

Greer Garson/Jack Greenman

Greer Garson/Benard Cummings

Rosencrantz .... are Dead


Iphigenia in Aulis/Taruis


Mary Stuart

Twelfth Night

Hot L Baltimore



Lead EMT

American Heart Association


Alba Breath Work/Anne Schilling

Shakespeare/Jon Jory and Michael Connolly

Alexander Technique/Melissa Matson

Estill Voice/Gail Springer

Fitzmaurice/Jack Greenman

special skills

Dance: Traditional African Dance (22 years)/ Modern and Ballet (7 years)/ Tap (2 years)/

             Head Choreographer of Musical Theatre Workshop class (SFUAD)

Combat: Basic Level Combat Certified in Hand-to-hand/Rapier-Dagger/Single Sword

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